• November 1, 2021

Beetlejuice Review Movie

Beetlejuice Review

Tim Burton's outrageous horror film is about newly deceased Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis hiring troubleshooting zombie Michael Keaton to keep their home safe from human contact. Initially, this appears to be a solution to their problems . The new inhabitants appear to be scarier than ghosts. However, quickly, Beetlejuice's bizarre "solutions" fall into chaos.

There's plenty to delight in – a tender Winona Ryder playing the daughter who is not part of the family that is now forming, Harry Belafonte music, the most memorable closing gag as well, in spite of the hilariously absurd visuals there is nothing to compete with Keaton's total comedy spinning dervish.

It was seen as a single-oddity It's now an actual Burton model: surreal sensuality (check) and a nutty spirit (check) and a keen sense of the plights of being an external world (check). It's amazing that it still is fresh even although Burton has become a part of his own series since.

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