• November 11, 2021

Jingle-Jangle A Christmas Journey Review Movie

Jingle-Jangle: A Christmas Journey Review

If you loved The Greatest Showman but wished that it'd gone all the big and become the kind of Christmas film, Jingle-Jangle: A Christmas Journey is for you. With show tunes from a group comprising John Legend and a selection of frock coats that are colorful enough that will make grown men (and women) cry with envy This new musical offers all the same spark and emotional impact as the hit but also some of the same problems with pacing.

Jingle-Jangle: A Christmas Journey

The story is framed by a Christmas tale which Phylicia Rashad reads her children the story follows a child toymaker Jeronicus Jangle (initially performed by Justin Cornwell), who creates amazing toys in a sort of Victorian steampunk-inspired fantasy. Then, he discovers that Jeronicus is betrayed by the Apprentice (initially Miles Barrow) at the whim of Jangle's creator which is a toys Don Juan voiced by Ricky Martin. Even more tragically, Jeronicus is divorced from his wife (Sharon Rose) shortly after. He is battling the double blow for many years, falling out by his young daughter (Anika Noni Rose) and transforming into Forest Whitaker, while Guftofson is transformed into Keegan-Michael key and is able to make a name for himself and gain fame by stealing his inventions. It's taken the arrival of Jangle's vivacious grandchild Journey (Madalen Miles) to be able to break out of his rough protection shell and maybe, to set things in order.

Certain story elements can be a bit stale, but there's a wealth of visual and auditory delights.

Cornwell as well as Sharon Rose are talented actors and singers, however they could have finished the first part more quickly from a storytelling perspective of point of. It takes a long time to wait for Journey our heroine to show up, even though she's adorable as a button and is in good voice when she does. The cute robot she coaxes back into operation and is called that of the Buddy 3000, accordingly also has a small role in becoming the child's favorite the way he's been meant to be. And any action that resembles it begins late in the morning.

However, it's wonderful to have a white Christmas that's not as white than the norm, and with a full-color Nutcracker. The story's elements could be a bit sloppy or heavy like the tinsel of last year's however, there's plenty of visual and auditory delights to offset.

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