• November 16, 2021

Murder Me, Monster Review Movie

Murder Me, Monster Review

From its opening shot — a woman with a slit throat trying to secure her head to her neck while surrounded by sheep — to its final image — a creature lumbering around a field –Murder Me, Monster is a police procedural-monster-movie mash-up that is both surreal and intense. But for the dark humour the film's writer-director Alejandro Fadel's MO is designed to be as obscure and obscure as is possible which means that even though it's a film that sticks at your side, getting to the conclusion is an endurance test that borders on the absurd.

It's an intriguing premise however Fadel takes it away from any tension by spinning the tale through the use of elliptical plotting as well as a humorous pace.

Investigating the death of the female decapitated in the Andes mountain range The main suspect is Cruz (Victor Lopez with a a great face) A taciturn police officer who, during his intimate moments with his wife Francisca (Tania Casciani) can't resist the urge to do the most ridiculous dance. The most important suspect in Cruz's work as a detective can be David (Esteban Bigliardi) who happens to be the husband of Francisca and suffers from hallucinations and is suffering from the illusion that he's being controlled by telepathic signals by a savage monster. This could be a fun story but Fadel removes it from any tension by spinning the tale through an elliptical plot and a fun pace. The Cruz's research involves writing down strange symbolisms in his notebook Fadel is also awash in games like Peter Greenaway based on the 3 Ms Three Mountains, Murder Me, Monster which further smother the urgency of the story.

Despite the hysterical saga, Murder Me, Monster has some merits. Jorge Prado registers as Cruz's police chief and brings zero-degree humor by shouting "FORENSICS!" at every crime scene. The film also has a strong atmosphere, a mood of mining from dark landscapes and small things like an big tooth and an the oozy yellow gunk. The creature, once it appears, is an amazing creation, clearly an unassuming man dressed in a suit however, it's crafted with an Guillermo del Toro-like imagination with a face that resembles an ovagina dentata as well as penis for the tail. It's a pity that the creature didn't have an even more exciting vehicle to play the role of.

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