• November 7, 2021

Review of the film Tenet

“Tenet” is a long-awaited big-budget spy blockbuster directed by brilliant British director Christopher Nolan and released worldwide at the end of August 2020. The film was created by the efforts of two well-known media companies (Warner Bros. and Syncopy), while the production budget of the tape was an impressive $ 200,000,000. The musical accompaniment for it was prepared by the composer Ludwig Göransson. The script for this project with an unusual sci-fi component turned out to be completely written by Nolan himself: moreover, the idea for it was hatched for twenty years, and the main work (that is, creating the script) took him about six or seven years. The duration of the film is approximately 150 minutes, one of its main producers was Emma Thomas (wife of Christopher Nolan).


In this case, the main role in one of the best movie hits of 2020 was given to the actor John Washington: he played the part of the special agent of the central intelligence agency (bearing the unusual nickname “Protagonist”).

The creators of the project assigned another important role (as a colleague and comrade of the “Protagonist”) to the Briton Robert Pattinson: he embodied the image of an agent named Neil on the screen.

The central villain here was performed by the inimitable Kenneth Branagh, and the main female heroine, in turn, was played by Elizabeth Debicki.

As always, once again, in the tape of Christopher Nolan, there was a place for Michael Kane, who again lit up with a small pleasant cameo.

Among the rest of the cast, it is necessary to separately and especially highlight: Aaron Taylor Johnson (Ives), Dimple Kapadia (Priya), Yuri Kolokolnikov (Volkov), Clemence Poesi (Laura), Himes Patel (Mahir), Martin Donovan (as Victor), Sean Avery (as Sam), Jack Cutmore-Scott (as Jack), Andrew Howard (as Stepan), and so on.

Production details

Chris thought and nurtured the idea and concept for the project for almost two decades before he fully realized his idea.

The blockbuster was filmed in many locations around the world, covering several European countries during production, as well as the United States of America and India.

For action scenes with the participation of a huge aircraft, a real Boeing was actually involved; in other cases, instead of computer effects, the director’s favorite practical methods and techniques were also mainly used.


A special agent of the central intelligence agency nicknamed “Protagonist” unexpectedly discovers a completely new world of international espionage and subsequently finds himself involved in an unusual mission to save humanity from global total destruction. Having familiarized himself with the fantastic technology of time inversion and teaming up with other pros, now he has to stop the most dangerous criminals by any means and prevent them from starting the third world war …

Review and review

Christopher Nolan has always been able to surprise from the very beginning of his directorial career and at the same time make various unique original films that have both well-developed ideas and simply excellent implementation. This film project, of course, is no exception to the rule and is a great example of the brilliant talent of the British director, which contains not only the best and coolest elements, but also a variety of interesting twists and mind-blowing spectacular action scenes.

First of all, “Argument”, of course, stands out from other films due to its curious concept and carefully thought out script, which are immediately put at the forefront here: as it was, for example, with the titles “Inception” and “Interstellar”. As a result, the viewer will have to be in full attention throughout the entire timing and try not to lose sight of anything, because in the end everything here will naturally come together in a large single puzzle and literally blow up the brain of a sophisticated viewer (and from any age range). For this reason, watching this tape will be very exciting for virtually all fans of smart and non-empty blockbusters that make you think with your head and connect your imagination.

The plot here focuses on an agent nicknamed “Protagonist”, who for the first time in his life encounters the technology of time inversion. The latter, by the way, allows you to turn back time, but to do this in relation to individual things, without affecting other elements in the present: for example, during a chase, heroes can return a previously turned over car to a whole state, and the rest will be virtually unchanged.

The cast is selected with high quality and rather non-standard. The main role in it was assigned to John Washington (the son of the famous actor Denzel Washington), who coped with his task very, very worthy: it is with his hero that the viewer will get acquainted with the sci-fi component of the project, plunge into the world of global espionage and will also gradually get used to surprises and temporary tricks. The key secondary part immediately went to Robert Pattinson, who is now just at the top of his career, and in this case, the work of the English performer can be confidently called an adornment of the film, because every minute with his participation evokes entirely positive emotions (Robert’s character, by the way, is an agent by the name of Neil, who resembles a kind of elegant James Bond with a characteristic British sense of humor and pleasant demeanor). Further, it should be noted the central villain, Andrei Sator, performed by Kenneth Branagh, who also turned out at the highest level. Brana’s antagonist is represented here as an extremely cruel and dangerous type, capable not only of intimidating with manic quirks, but also of making a powerful negative impression even on such a professional as agent 007. And finally, some words of praise should be given to Elizabeth Debicki, who perfectly played the role of Kat Sator – in general, it is not surprising that Nolan made the main bet on it.

Various action scenes are present in the blockbuster “Argument” in a fairly significant amount, and all of them are staged in it in the most original and high-quality way, as a result of which movie fans will then be very much amazed at their scale, singularity and uniqueness. In particular, of course, the ones that actively use the time inversion technology will certainly come out interesting: after all, it is extremely cool to watch how the characters manipulate it and change the current state of affairs right in the course of missions. Among other things, their additional plus lies in the fact that they were filmed mainly with the help of practical special techniques and without much use of CGI and computer graphics.

As for the camera work and musical accompaniment, they are also made on the usual level for Nolan. The composer Ludwig Göransson managed to record the corresponding furious atmospheric musical accompaniment, which perfectly increases the tension and suspense in the picture, and the operator Hoyte van Hoytem – to shoot the scenes from the most suitable and detailed angles, so that the audience will not lose sight of any of the main actions of the characters and various kinds of events. …

All in all, Christopher Nolan once again put on an excellent show and created a film that claims to be one of the best in its genre, which, of course, will gain its own army of fans around the world and will gain a special status among the many fans of cinema.

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