• November 18, 2021

Rocky IV Review Movie

Rocky IV Review

This is the moment when the Rocky series ended up destroying the credibilityof this series of ever-dark boxing fantasies. From the beginning to the end (with the third being a worthy tale of sporting glory) you remained adamant about the idea that these were taking place within the real world. Somehow, Sylvester Stallone (who was now acting, writing, director, and not listening to the wisdom of his ears) thought it was high time for America's most athlete who was a bit of a mystery should take on in the Cold War.

When you look closer the film appears to be more focused on becoming a homoerotic classic rather than a stunning nationalistic parable. This is due to the amount of time that the camera spends on the awe-inspiring landscapes of his as well as the robotic bodies of Dolph's. The sequence of training for Rocky is a staple of his micro-genre, tuned to excruciating sounds of light rock. It's located in the Russian wilderness (rather than in the neo-classic Philly) includes him cutting wood and lifting trees so that his biceps are to the dimensions of cannonballs. And his veins appear in the form of grass snakes. This is enough to keep your body off the gym for good, even if had not done it otherwise.

The jingoism is awe-inspiring however, by the time of the fight scene, the film has turned into a snarky mockery of itself. The moment that Rocky is ushered into the ring wearing his shorts with stripes and stars, the masses of oppressed people is soon to switch sides they take his regular beating, the man is compelled to stand up for himself because he's got the heart. What this means about the heart of America is difficult to comprehend However, maybe Sly was a very wise soul, as communism was likely to be defeated in points in the end. As his hilarious script says the following: "Russians are evil. Rocky is going to cause harm to them."

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