• November 19, 2021

Skyscraper Review Movie

Skyscraper Review

Are there any ways to avoid Rock fatigue? Does one's passion for Dwayne ever diminish? The amount you like Skyscraper — one-time Brahma Bull's fifth film since the spring of this year (on the heels of a different series of Ballers and no less) will be contingent upon your response to this question. Rawson Marshall Thurber's Die Hard/Towering inferno cut-and-shut test how much you let Johnson's eyebrows flex and pugilistic style to obscure the ridiculousness of the plot, which is physics-defying and plot hole pun of almost all other things.

Thurber's forte is comedymostly that of a physical nature as seen in Dodgeball and his previous Johnson Collaboration Central Intelligence — but this time he's directed and written an action-thriller that is more straight than, say the skyscraper. (Although the gloomy, eerie building, The Pearl, looks more like an eel eating an tennis ball.) This isn't a style that suits him well and neither does his lead man for that matter.

We're back to old San Andreas territory with this one

The film is light on zingers , but heavily laden with ersatz emotion that is mostly expressed in a taken-like 'Daddy's gotta protect his little girl' passion when Johnson's small-time security expert returns in the terrorist-flamed super-structure of the title through that hilarious, trailer-hailed crane leap. The closest that the script gets to self-awareness is in which Johnson gets ready to ascend the tower's glass-like exterior, securing duct tape around his hands and shoes, and he says"This must be a mistake. "This seems like a stupid idea".

We're supposed to see Johnson as a broken everyday man A past incident caused Sawyer an arm as well as his field-of-play confidence – but we must accept CG-based set pieces that give him the power of a superhero along with an uninspiring, overly-detailed plot that boils down to an argument over the memory stick. In spite of his charm, Johnson just can't pull the trick, even though it's not as if Thurber did not bother to create any breathers that build character and it's a simple sprint between action sequences. sequence.


Neve Campbell makes a pleasant appearance as the wife of his Sarah however, with the exception of a few fragments (she's former combat medical professional) she's given very little to do except comply with her husband's demands and argue with local police. Then there's no believable nemesis in the show either. Danish actor Roland Moller merely stalks around like an alpha-like henchman who is desperate in need of an employer.

In the end, Skyscraper lacks the knowing absurdity of Rampage and the self-satirical slapstick of Jumanji The Jungle: Welcome to The Jungle and the balls-out strength of the previous Fast And Furious. We're back in the stodgy San Andreas territory with this film. It's difficult to imagine getting tired of Johnson's endless action-adventure-themed pranks If he does sign to play Skyscraper 2: The Next Story it could be that we need to end the day.

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