• November 24, 2021

The Ninth Configuration Review Movie

The Ninth Configuration Review

Initial impressions might suggest this re-release come off as an attempt to squeeze more money from the return from The Exorcist. It would be a shame if they were able to be trusted, as the 1980 film The Ninth Configuration, Exorcist author Blatty's directorial debut, actually an enthralling, sometimes scary, and emotionally moving treasure.

The film basically ties in a debate over whether there is God (and consequently continuing the central concept in The Exorcist) to a suspenseful thriller, the film has psychiatrist Kane (Keach) being taken to a mysterious asylum inside an old castle. There, the doctor is tasked with determining whether American soldiers returning from Vietnam are real freaks or fakes. He is there when he encounters the Captain Cutshaw (Wilson) the astronaut who canceled his moonshot at the last moment and rejects the existence of God in the belief that evil is a reality. Kane affirms"the existence of goodwill goodness confirms God's existence. God and is asked to provide a single instance that he can personally knowledge.

If it seems a bit over the top, that's the case, and Blatty doesn't do himself any favors in the first 45 minutes, moving the plot is there in a sluggish manner. However, the action, when it does arrive, is awe-inspiring with a dramatic plot twist and some enthralling surreal images. The opening title sequence, in which the huge moon comes towards the viewer against the silhouette of the Apollo spacecraft is possibly one of the most bizarre terrifying shots made on film, as a picture of a crucifix hanging on the moon's surface hints to 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are some flaws. Keach's zombified performance could steer somewhat too far from being numb, and the entire thing could cause a bit of irritation depending on your tolerance for lengthy debates or Roman Catholic angst. However, even allowing for that, the Ninth Configuration is a captivating film and its rerelease unintentionally entices.

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