• November 23, 2021

The Godfather Part II Review Movie

The Godfather Part II Review

Nowadays, any series can produce several Roman number sequels. However, in 1974, it seemed unheard of for the makers of the Best Picture Academy Award-winner to revisit the well. It's important that this film is referred to as The Godfather Part II rather than Godfather II, since Coppola and his co-creators did not offer an additional version of the film however they did expand the original story of Corleone family forward and backwards and enlarge the characters.

Moving back and forth through the past, the film is the story of Michael (Pacino) throughout the 50s as his supposed legitimate business is entangled involved in shady deals with Cuba as well as the US Senate as he must end the taboo of killing his own brother. In the meantime, we witness that his dad Vito (De Niro) as young man, who was organizing a street gang in the turn of the century in New York. Coppola is awash in the Italian-American mythology of the immigration experience, canonizes Vito who founded the Mafia to safeguard his people from predatory dooms, while also exposing the ways in which Vito's family's business has the seeds of his son's massively corrupt empire.

The film was in the movie in which Pacino as well as De Niro were the first to be paired but the demands of the plot mean they don't actually get to meet. Both are enthralling, however Pacino is particularly impressive with his slack gaze, which reveals the price Michael has to pay for his role. With support roles played by Diane Keaton, Robert Duvall and Lee Strasberg, to say the least of Roger Corman and Harry Dean Stanton in small parts it is just incredible.

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