• March 3, 2022

Valve increased the fight against offenders in CS:GO

Valve increased the fight against offenders in CS:GO

On the night of July 22, Valve released an update for CS:GO. Developers have changed the Pitstop and Mocha maps, and introduced additional measures to deal with unscrupulous players.

Changes list
“Dreams and Nightmares.”

A checkbox has been added to the Steam Workshop to mark skins participating in the Dreams and Nightmares creative contest

Players who receive a large number of complaints for “interfering with normal play” will be warned. If they violate again, they’ll get an extended time lockout of matchmaking

A hole in the balcony has been removed;

Skybox and fog have been improved;

Fixed the awning model on the point;

Extra pixels on the outside of the box have been removed;

On point B they opened several windows through which you can now throw grenades;

A wall from the CT revival point to the mids has been raised to eliminate the possibility of a drop-off;

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