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Philips Wake-up Light alarm clock basic models and analogues

Philips Wake-up Light alarm clocks — model review

Philips Wake-up Light alarm clocks have long been popular in the West and are steadily expanding in the domestic market. And for good reason, Philips has gone back to the natural roots of natural wake-up in its lineup. What could be more natural than waking up to a sunrise. But it doesn’t end there, Philips has gone further in its quest to unite with nature and incorporated natural sounds into its alarm clocks, such as birdsong, the sound of rain, surf, thunder and so on. Not only can you wake up to an alarm clock, but you can also fall asleep to a sunset. This way of going to sleep is a great signal for the body to sleep and over time you will stop tossing and turning before bed.

In this review, we’ll look at the main representatives of the Philips Wake-up Light line of alarm clocks, how they differ and whether it’s worth overpaying for the older models.

All models of the series have a number of similar features, we will spell them out, so as not to repeat them for each alarm.

Each model of the Philips Wake-up Light alarm clock, has the following features:

  • Time display.
  • Reading lamp function
  • Can be used as a night light
  • Four levels of display contrast: very low, low, medium, high


Philips Wake-up Light HF3500

Editorial rating:

Average price: 90$

Illuminance in lux: 200

Alarm Clock Features:

  • Adjusting the brightness of the lamp, gradation from 1 to 10
  • Wake up with a rising light and beeping tone

Model Features:

HF3500 is the youngest model in the Wake-up Light range, here all functions and alarm clock capabilities have been minimized. Basic controls are 4 buttons on the front, as well as several mechanical ones, the same delayed alarm button and the display brightness adjustment button. Please note! Here you can not adjust the tone and sound volume, these values are set by default. The melody signal is a regular beeping Without imitating the sounds of nature, the alarm clock wakes up first by lighting up, and in the final part starts to make a sound, so you will definitely wake up. As with all other models, the HF3500 light alarm clock can be used as a regular lamp or nightlight.

Philips Wake-up Light HF3505

Editor’s Rating:

Medium price: 110$

Illumination in lux: 200

Alarm Clock Features:

  • Brightness adjustment of the alarm clock, gradation from 1 to 10
  • Volume control, 1 to 10
  • FM Radio
  • 2 signals imitating sounds of nature (birdsong and waves hitting the shore)

Model Features:

Philips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock HF3505 has a nice glass and plastic design. Basic control is made by 9 buttons on the front of the alarm clock, also on top there is a mechanical button to delay the work for 9 minutes and on the back the button to adjust the brightness of the display and the regulator to select a melody. You can set birdsong, wave beats or set your favorite FM station to turn on as a wake-up signal. You can limit the maximum wake-up light when it is too bright for you. Similar to the younger model can be used as a lamp or nightlight.

Philips Wake-up Light HF3510

Rating by editorial:

Average Price: 135$

Illumination in lux: 300

Alarm clock capabilities:

  • Contains 20 brightness settings
  • 3 natural waking melodies
  • Imitation sunset effect for falling asleep
  • FM radio

Model Features:

Philips Wake-up Light HF3510 following the logic of increasing the last two digits in the model number this alarm clock has several advantages over its younger brethren. HF3510 has 3 melodies to simulate the sounds of nature, the brightness can be adjusted more finely — in 20 levels. The main control is now touch-sensitive, the backlight turns on when you put your fingers close to the panel, it automatically turns off after 5 seconds of no fingers in front of the panel.

The older model now has a sleep mode with sunset simulation. You can set the light to dim between 5 and 60 minutes, or you can fall asleep to birds chirping. There’s also a new dawn color mode – orange in addition to the regular yellow.

Philips Wake-up Light HF3520

Editorial Rating:

Medium Price: 165$

Illumination in lux: 300

Alarm Clock Features:

  • Contains 20 brightness settings
  • 5 kinds of nature sounds
  • Automatic dimming of the light
  • Simulated sunset effect for falling asleep
  • FM radio
  • Setting two alarms

Model features:

Philips Wake-up Light HF3520 has predictably increased the number of melodies for waking up. Now there are five of them: birdsong, forest trill, Zen garden, piano and the sound of the surf. An interesting trick was the automatic adjustment of the brightness of the display depending on the ambient light, the less extraneous light, the weaker the display until it turns off at all. The sunrise now has 3 stages, first comes the soft red, which goes to orange, and it in turn — to yellow, which provides the most natural imitation of dawn. A feature of the model was the ability to set two alarm clocks

Philips Wake-up Light HF3550

Editor’s Rating:

Average Price: 230$

Illumination in lux: 300

Alarm Clock Capabilities:

  • Contains 20 brightness settings
  • 8 nature sounds
  • Automatic adjustment of the brightness of the light
  • Imitation sunset effect for falling asleep
  • IOS app for alarm clock management
  • Ability to play music from Iphone

Model Features:

The most senior model in the line of Philips Wake-up Light has traditionally increased the number of melodies of nature, there are 8 pieces, but this is not its main advantage. The main feature of the device was to control the alarm clock through the application on your iPhone, plus the alarm clock comes with a docking station for it with which you can charge or listen to music through the speakers alarm. Everything would be great if it wasn’t so sad, because Support Iphone Ends with the 4th generation, Which are no longer at all relevant in 2017.

Modern Philips Wake-up Light counterparts

Medisana WL-450

Editor’s Rating:

Medium Price: 110$

Alarm clock features:

  • FM receiver
  • Possibility to connect an MP3 player
  • Two alarms to set
  • 8 signals for waking up, including sounds of nature
  • 10 shades of the lamp
  • Use as a nightlight

Model Features:

Medisana WL-450 is a worthy alternative to HF3505, being in the same price range wins over Philips model in all respects. A distinctive feature is the 10 possible shades of the lamp, which can be used to create a romantic atmosphere or as a normal night light. Also, you can connect an MP3 player to the light via a 3.5 jack, if you have one in 2017 of course.

Sleepace Nox Smart Lamp

Editor’s Rating:

Medium Price: 200$

Lamp Capabilities:

  • Sleep phase detection
  • Breath and heart rate monitoring
  • Noise, light, humidity, temperature sensors
  • Control via app
  • Sleep Quality Analysis

Model Features:

The Sleepace Nox smart lamp is already a truly smart system for sleeping, not a light alarm clock as it might at first seem. The smart lamp comes with a sensor that will need to be put to bed. It will monitor your heart rate and respiration rhythm, sleep phases, and consequently analyze the quality of your sleep. The lamp has all the functions of an ordinary light alarm clock, but it does it much better because it tracks the phase of your sleep and wakes you up at the necessary phase for an awakening.

Bottom line for the Philips Wake-up Light series

Philips Wake-up Light — solid product, but a little behind the modern gadgetization, it’s hard to call them smart, but effective still. If you want to wake up easily, as if from the sunrise, but not bothering with the finer settings like phases of sleep, breathing rhythm and heart rate, then you can safely take Philips Wake-up Light HF3510 or Medisana analogue WL-450. If you want to squeeze the best out of your sleep, we advise you to pay attention to smart systems for sleep, we will talk about them in our separate review.

Philips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock Summary Table:

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