• March 10, 2022

Smart pen useful gadget or expensive toy

Smart pen: a useful gadget or expensive toy?

To begin with, let's talk about what a smart pen is in a nutshell. SmartPen & # 8211; it is a printing pen with the ability to digitize handwritten text into electronic format. It works in conjunction with an application on a smartphone. Inside the smart pen is a built-in Bluetooth module, due to which + synchronization takes place. If there is no smartphone nearby, the pen records data on internal media.

Argument against №1 Price

The main disadvantage of the smart pen at the moment is its price, which starts from $ 150. Not everyone can afford such waste on pens. A smart pen is an option for those who can afford such expenses, for the benefit of their comfort.

Argument for №1 Save time

If you can name the main disadvantage of the pen in the price, then just as obvious the main advantage of using & # 8211; save time. There are often situations when handwritten notes need to be transferred to electronic format for use in presentations, research papers, books, notes, etc.e.

Argument against №2 inconvenient to write

The first models of smart pens were quite large and many complained that it is impossible to write them for a long time due to the uncomfortable feeling of letters. At the moment, the latest models have almost got rid of this disease, the forms are still a bit unusual, but you quickly get used to them.

Argument for №2 availability of all manuscripts in one place

All records are sent to the application, where you can view your notes at any time, without bothering to search for a notebook or notebook. Records can be conveniently structured for even faster availability of notes.

Argument against №3 the need for special rods or a notebook

This shortcoming also becomes a kind of archaism, as, for example, the latest version of EquilSmartpen2 does not require a special notebook or special rods. Although the latter statement is not entirely true, there is a condition for the length of the rod & # 8211; 67 mm.

Argument for №3 the ability to quickly share records

There are situations in our lives from time to time when we need to share our records with colleagues at work or study. So after the meeting, planners data can be easily sent to all colleagues by mail. Share the lecture with a friend.

Life hack for students: buy a smart pen for the smartest classmate / s, he fills out a test sends his entries in the general cloud and the whole course displays his answers.

Argument for №4 audio recording

Many pen models offer an amazing audio recording function when writing each word into a hyperlink of a specific part of the audio recording. The ideal option for a student trying to remember the details of the lecture, you just need to point to the right word in your notes and he will play the voice of the teacher.

It can be useful during planning to remember who spoke and in case of problematic situations to be a strong argument in your favor. The same can be used at any business meeting.


Summing up, we can say that a smart pen is a useful gadget, but with a high price, which is not yet available to the general consumer.

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