• March 10, 2022

Vesemir vs. army of the dead in the new trailer of the anime on “The Witcher” very much fight scenes

Vesemir vs. an army of the dead: in a new trailer for the anime by «The Witcher» Very many fight scenes

The backstory: Anime about young Vesemir «The Witcher: Nightmare Wolf» will be released in August — Netflix has released a second trailer for the anime «The Witcher. Nightmare Wolf» about a young Vesemir. Looks like there will be plenty of action scenes in the movie. The hero chops down an army of the dead, fights vampires, and encounters creatures that even Geralt has not seen.

Also in the video, Vesemir meets the girl who accompanies him on his journey. Nothing is known about her, but she may be one of the enchantresses.

The animated series is produced by the Korean animation studio Studio Mir, known for «The Legend of Korra» and the recent DOTA 2 adaptation. Read about the latest anime here.

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